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    Hardi’s music published by Svensk Musik, for score click the link www.svenskmusik.org or contact Hardi.

    The Cartographic notation of Recycling Objects (“CNRO”) consists of the design of a new cartographic notation method. A composition of recycled objects, notation method, and geographical positions and an interactive public meeting. The project seeks answers to how people, environment, and art can work together to create a wider understanding of each other.

    18.09.2015. Göteborg. Stadsbiblioteket (city library). Performed by Non-Ensemble: Marie, viola. Linnea, violin. Khabat, cello and Hardi, violin.

    10.7.2015. London. Visual art exhibition. Goldsmiths. Performed by Khabat Abas, cello. Hardi Kurda, viola on table, live electronics and artist Sherko Abbas, custom-made instrument.

    How a custom-made instrument inspires to new notation design that based on body action, which challenges by conversional instrument to interpret and it results in new sounds. The music notation written for the art project under titel When the wild instrument sings! link

    190615 London for flexible constellation is a series of sound score pieces which sketched from my composition project Conversation, Improvisation and Composition (CIC) which started from 2015. The project documents time and place of the moment that the performer meets before the concert and during the performance, which is flexible in its construction. Each version being formed by a conversation between performers. CIC aim for is to create a space for listening by not knowing the unexpected moment. In other words, it is about RESEARCHING on what can be HEARD.

    19.06.2015. London. Deptford hall, Goldsmiths. Project by Hardi Kurda. Performed by Non-Ensemble: Kate Ryder, piano, live electronics. Khabat Abas, cello. Mansoor Hosseini, percussion and Hardi Kurda, violin and live electronic.

    03.10.2015. Vara. Concert hall. Magnet festival. Biennale for contemporary music.
    05-12.05.2015. London. St.James Hasham, Goldsmiths. Sound|Place exhibition.

    June.2013. Sulaimani. Project by Hardi Kurda. Performed by Non-Ensemble: Khabat Abas, cello. Pshko Mustafa and Aryan Jala, Guitar. Hardi Kurda, live electronics

    31.05.2013. Röhsska museum. Gothenburg. Performed by Non-Ensemble collaboration with Malva string quartet and Kurdistan string ensemble.


    18.04.2013. Art museum. Gothenburg. Performed by by Non-Ensemble collaboration with Malva string quartet and Kurdistan national trio.

    The piece contains different tone material. The material was created through a process between reaction, composition, and reflection. The idea is that the music gradually creates a space for interaction between the musicians through the tone material with elements of improvisation.

    23.03.2013. Berlin. Maerz Musik Festival. RadialSystem concert hall. Performed by Adapter Ensemble.
    [soundcloud id=’137182259′ playerType=’html5′]

    31.05.2012. Gothenburg. Stenhammar concert hall. Performed by Gageego Ensemble.

    11.07.2011. Dublin. Performed by ConTempo string quartet.

    8=3 For 8 musicians. Performed by Atlas Ensemble, August 2010 Amsterdam.

    14.05.2006. Ljudvågor festival. Gotland. Film by Darya Allaf.

    15.05.2006. Gotland. Ljudvågor festival. Performed by Axelsson & Nilsson Duo.