Telepathic Concert inspired by John Heartfield.

A telepathic concert of PUTIF with Jennifer Walshe, Tomomi Adachi and Hardi Kurda. Concert at June 19th 2020. 8:00-8:03 pm (CET) Meditation, please find us and tune telepathically. 8:03-8:13 pm (CET) Improvisation
This is Central European Time. (3am Saturday in Japan, 9pm in Moscow, 7pm in London, 2pm in New York). This is not online event, no streaming, nor physical concert. It is metaphysical.

The People’s United Telepathic Improvisation Front (Tomomi Adachi & Jennifer Walshe) join forces with Hardi Kurda to give a telepathic performance inspired by John Heartfield’s work. Heartfield’s pioneering work in collage encourages the viewer to make connections between radically different visual materials, bringing disparate elements into unity. His collaborations with Bertolt Brecht place him at the forefront of performance in the 20th century. Indeed, Heartfield’s late arrival to a performance of one of Brecht’s plays resulted in Brecht stopping the performance and asking the audience to vote on whether Heartfield should be allowed to work on the set, leading to the development of Brecht’s Verfremdungseffekt, and changing completely the concept of the audience in theatre.

This performance works toward a similar goal, but with sound. The three musicians will perform in their homes, without being able to hear each other in the traditional sense – instead they will make telepathic contact during the performance, without any knowledge of what is happening other than the time and a score made by Hardi Kurda from a Kurdish carpet in which it happens. Each musician makes a recording of their performance. After the performance, the three recordings are collaged together to reveal what actually transpired, and the results are shared online.

The public are invited to tune in to the performance telepathically, to make notes about what they “hear” and share these with the performers.

concept: Julia Gerlach, secretary of the section music

Reflections by the audience welcome as facebook comments
Publication of the music collage online on 21 Jun 2020, 8 pm

313 Beirut

313 Beirut (2019) from the project conversations. The project documents time and place of the moment that the performer hear before the concert and apply into the improvisation, which is flexible in its construction. The aim is for to create a space for listening by not knowing, the unexpected moment. Beirut Irtijal Festival at Zoukak Theatre 31 March 2019, Solo performance for sound score, radio, tv news and heart pulse oximeter and objects. info1  info2

The Process

Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast. 10 April 2017. Improvisation The Process. Khabat Abas, prepared cello, Hardi Kurda, electronic and objects in collaboration with video artist Isabel P. Del Pulgar. info

The Conversation

Berlin Madame Claude 04 April 2016. Gothenburg Improfest festival 30 June 2015. London Deptford town hall, PureGold Festival, Goldsmiths. 16 May 2015. Performed The Conversation, sound score for flexible instruments.

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Open Ensemble

Open Ensemble (2015) for object and headphone. What happens when a performer plays on an instrument without hearing it? How do a body and a mind respond to each other? What does it sound like when the performer excludes him or herself from the existing medium in order to explore a new medium? Sound Place Exhibition, Goldsmiths, London 10-18 May 2015.
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