313 Beirut

Beirut Irtijal Festival at Zoukak Theatre 31 March 2019, Solo performance for sound score, radio, tv news and heart pulse oximeter and objects. info1 | info2

Pull and Release

Pull and Release for string instruments. The notation inspired by a function of handmade custom instrument by the artist Sherko Abbas.


88 for percussion and live electronics is inspired by the voice of the author Sherko Bekas. This graphic notation piece is interpretation of how Bekas poem rhythm sounds through Fibonacci series. Performance:Instrumentation: flexible instruments with or without live electronicsDate: 2013-11-24Location: Gothenburg, Theater TrixterPerformers: NoN-Ensemble Commissioned by: Theater Trixter See the score click hereBuy the score […]

Sounding Map

Gothenburg, Rohska museum and Art Museum. April-May 2013. Performed Sounding Map for string instrument, wind and percussion by Malva Quartet, Kurdish string trio/quartet and the cellist Khabat Abas.

Between me and the others

Berlin, Maerz Musik, Between me and the others performed by Adapter ensemble, Radialsystem V 23 March 20113. Gothenburg Concert house, Stenhammar hall performed by Gageego ensemble. 03 May 2009.   Gageego ensemble

Shadow Dimensions

Vaxjo, Utvandranas Hus, Shadow Dimensions performed by Musica Vitae, 10 May 2012. Leipzig, University of music and theatre “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” June 2012 I want show in my work that music notations could be played in an unconventional way by the compromises between composition, free interpretation and improvisation could produce or open the door upon a reservoir […]

3 Solo

Performed by Mimitabu ensemble in Gothenburg 2009