Illegal Frequencies Porto 1012

Performance and Talk at Sonoscopia Associacão Platform For Experimental Music And Performing Arts in Porto-Portugal.     

Illegal Frequencies Performance and Talk at the Soundings 2022 at the ADK Berlin 16-18 August 2022 Curated by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay& Sandeep Bhagwati.

Listening’s Urgency

Listening’s Urgency on LISTENING’S URGENCY ON RADIA.FM For the second performance in the course of his project “Listening’s Urgency”, Hardi Kurda asked musicians, artists and writers from different parts of the world to comment on the meaning of illegality and noise: Do we overstep the borders of legality by listening? What does illegality mean? […]

The Latest News

The Latest News (2019), for map and newspaper, asks how the politics of the media are changing our perception of place. His compositions seek to create an unprejudiced critical listening in which sounds and objects are perceived only in the hear and now, not through received or traditional understandings about what they might or ‘should’ mean. Freiburg […]

Diagnosis Machine

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Konstenheten, Västfastigheter (@konstenheten_vastfastigheter) Gothenburg Angered Hospital 07 December 2018 – 07 March 2019 and 29 April 2016. Exhibited Diagnosis Machine, an interactive sound artwork for hospital. I was in the Mölndal Hospital in Gothenburg when something happened. It drew my attention because it had colours and […]

Sounding Carpet

Sounding Carpet (2018) A traditional Kurdish woven carpet as a cultural heritage. The listener begins to explore sounds from the carpet by touch, revealing aspects of Kurdistan’s untold history of people and their relation to places and maps. Sounding Carpet Exhibited at Space21 Festival, Erbil. Slemani, Amna Suraka museum, and Erbil, Citadel the old Hammam. Space21 Exhibition […]