Berlin Madame Claude 04 April 2016. Gothenburg Improfest festival 30 June 2015. London Deptford town hall, PureGold Festival, Goldsmiths. 16 May 2015. Performed The Conversation, sound score for flexible instruments.

[d, m, place]

for flexible constellation is a series of pieces which is sketched from my composition project Conversation, Improvisation and Composition (CIC)

The project documents time and place of the moment that the performance take a place each time when they meet and perform, which is flexible in its construction, with each version being formed by a conversation between performers.

The composition bases on a sound score, which creates a medium for different interpretations through improvisation. It is about exploring the new way of music creating through the new way of listening aspect between performers.

CIC aim for is to create a space for listening by not knowing the unexpected moment. In other word, it is about RESEARCHING on what can be HEARD.