Gothenburg, City Library 14-20 September 2016. The Vibration of Books, for string instruments, plastic cubs, and wires performed by MalvaQuartet, Khabat Abas, and Hardi Kurda.

A critical thinking on architectural composition in the Library

The player's role in this work focuses on acting on the instrument which is connected to a plastic cup via a long tiny metal thread that receives a resonance from the room floor. In other words, the sound result is the transformation of the performer's bodily actions into a new space, when it is vibrating on the floor of the stage. A new listening experience where the performer's body plays the role of a musical instrument. In other word, the string instrument dose not sound instead the performer’s body dose through the performer’s body, which is digging the books to resonate,
In this event, the performer(s) interpret books from the library as an alternative musical material to explore other compositions. In this event, the performer(s) freely choose books from the library book collections, just like any visitor searching for a book to read. And, the audience—the visitors to the library—can also choose books for the performer(s), as way of collaborating with the performer(s). Through this cooperation, the audience and the performer share the experience of transforming books into a new medium, which is vibrating.
Moreover, the experience of collecting books from the library is time-based. The book-collecting process has passed into memory for the performer(s). Therefore, the results of this cooperation hopefully create a new listening experience, which is based on the new associations to the books and the space of the library.