The Latest News (2019), for map and newspaper, asks how the politics of the media are changing our perception of place. His compositions seek to create an unprejudiced critical listening in which sounds and objects are perceived only in the hear and now, not through received or traditional understandings about what they might or ‘should’ mean. Freiburg at Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Stiftung. 25.01.2019 performed by ensemble recherché world premiere. article

It went inside a cold, dark and quiet place within the transport container, I used a small radio as a map for locating my place through the sound of the news. I was taken by boat to a new destination across the Mediterranean Sea. This was the only way to cross the border, to flee the unpredictable war that has been created by the politics of media.

News bombards our everyday lives, affecting the way we think and act. Mostly, it makes us feel unsafe where we live and creates unpleasant associations with certain things and specific places. The media instructs us to move from one place to another: to emigrate. In this way it draws a thought map that is controlled by political language and images. The Latest Newsuses a speculative sound composition as an open form with which to rethink the politics of the news by way of a transparent map. The map, which represents city locations, has been altered into various shapes to create an open meaning. The musicians then creates own map and integrate their heart pulses in real time with their own map by using the transparent score while they watch the latest day’s news. Consequently, associations are changed and other points of focus of focus are created, allowing both the musicians and listeners to be liberated from the predominant meaning of the news.

This composition investigated the news broadcast material through the notion of musical score. The score material includes a critical interrogation of the practice of “Digging or Excavating” for sound. Moreover, this work addresses sound composition in real time as a crucial process to interact with and experience one’s environment. Thus, it needs to reconstruct the structure of news broadcast compositional design, which critically reflects the politics of media and its relation to society. This is through questioning what if the experience of news from the media altered to as a musical composition? In this case, how can the score extract the elements behind the news to a sound material? Then, how sounds that information from the news?

(The Latest News commissioned by ensemble recherche in collaboration with the Swedish Art Grants Committee, international residency programme 2016-2018)