Beirut Irtijal Festival at Zoukak Theatre 31 March 2019, Solo performance for sound score, radio, tv news and heart pulse oximeter and objects. info1  info2
Freiburg at Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Stiftung. 25.01.2019 ensemble recherché performed world premier of The Latest News, for newspaper, transparent cartographic score and pulse oximeter. article
Gothenburg Angered Hospital 07 December 2018 – 07 March 2019 and 29 April 2016. Exhibited Diagnosis Machine, an interactive sound artwork for hospital.
Slemani, Amna Suraka museum, and Erbil, Citadel the old Hammam. Space21 Exhibition for sound art 21-26 April 2018. Exhibited Sounding Carpet, an interactive sound artwork.
Slemani, Amna suraka museum in Space21 Exhibition for sound art. 21 April 2018. Played Electroacoustic Music composition Under the Bridge.
Berlin, Soeht 7 atalie, art and culture in prison 02 May 2017. Improvisation in associations between the image and the sound. Performed by Claudia Risch (Bass clarinet), Hardi Kurda (Electronic and Object), Khabat Abas (cello)
Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast. 10 April 2017. Improvisation The Process. Khabat Abas, prepared cello, Hardi Kurda, electronic and objects in collaboration with video artist Isabel P. Del Pulgar. info
Gothenburg, City Library 14-20 September 2016. The Vibration of Books, for string instruments, plastic cubs, and wires performed by MalvaQuartet, Khabat Abas, and Hardi Kurda.
Gothenburg, Universeum Science festival 14 April 2016. Performed Recycling Objects, projected cartographic score, recycled objects, and sounding table. Performed by Adam Bohman and Hardi Kurda
Berlin Madame Claude 04 April 2016. Gothenburg Improfest festival 30 June 2015. London Deptford town hall, PureGold Festival, Goldsmiths. 16 May 2015. Performed The Conversation, sound score for flexible instruments.
London, Goldsmiths 30 July 2015. In collaboration with artist Sherko Abbas and cellist, Khabat Abas performed Pull and Release, for flexible instruments.
London, Sound Place exhibition, Goldsmiths. 10-18 May 2015. Exhibited Open Ensemble, for object and headphone. installation and public as a performer.
Gothenburg, Passage project at Teater Trixter 24 November – 07 December 2013. Presented composition 88 for flexible instruments.
Gothenburg, Rohska museum and Art Museum. April-May 2013. Performed Sounding Map for string instrument, wind and percussion by Malva Quartet, Kurdish string trio/quartet and the cellist Khabat Abas.
Berlin, Maerz Musik, Between me and the others performed by Adapter ensemble, Radialsystem V 23 March 20113. Gothenburg Concert house, Stenhammar hall performed by Gageego ensemble. 03 May 2009.
Vaxjo, Utvandranas Hus, Shadow Dimensions performed by Musica Vitae, 10 May 2012. Leipzig, University of music and theatre “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” June 2012
Gothenburg, Artisten, 3Solo performed by Mimitabu ensemble 11 March 2010

Hardi Kurda (Born in Kurdistan-Iraq) is a composer, sound artist, improviser, and director of Space21 exhibition, working with sound of found score as a map to navigate himself since he exiled to Europe in the begning of 2000. He found new listening attention to what he call it the sound of otherness and the other compositions. This is through developing sound art and performance projects including public spaces within a range of disciplinary collaborations. Works include "Hammams' Maqam" the story of the ghosts, sound installation for Space21 exhibtion, Slemani, “The Latest News” the politics of media performed by ensemble recherche in Freiburg, commissioned by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, “Sounding Carpet” Citadel Old Hammam, Erbil, “Between me and the other” berliner festspiele, Maerz Music by Adapter Ensemble Radial system v, "Open Ensemble” Sound Place exhibition, London, “Game piece for” Estrangement Project in Showroom, London, “Diagnosis Machine”, for Hospital in Gothenburg, “Recycling Objects” Universeum Science Centre, And, “Vibration of Books” Gothenburg Library.
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