Hardi Kurda, composer, sound artist, improviser, curator, and researcher. He employ within a range of developing projects that the role of everyday life material open another listening experience to sound and music. Material include, ECG monitor, Recycling Object, Newspaper, Carpet… His projects commissioned by Department of Public Art, Gothenburg. Recherche Ensemble, Freiburg, collaboration with Swedish art council.Kulturbryggan, Sweden. Goethe institute, Germany.  

Hardi’s music performed in Maerz Music by Adapter Ensemble Radialsystem v – Berlin. Sounding festival – Dublin. Showroom – London, Art museum, Gageego Ensemble Concert house – Gothenburg. Moreover, Hardi draws notation that stimulates performers to improvise. His music offers the listener a broader sense of how composition can transcend the limits that traditional Western practice can often place on it. Hardi awarded Gothenburg city culture prize 2015. Besides, he is a curator of Space21 in Kurdistan/Iraq, and a PhD. Candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Hardi is a member of The Society of Swedish Composer, and the professional association for visual artist, Berlin.

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