Composer and Improviser, Hardi Kurda, who has created experimental sound, music and free improvisation scenes in Kurdistan Iraq. Hardi works with sounds that may have become illegal, abandon, unheard, invisible, broken, distort, untold, or forgotten. Sounds as an imaginary map ‘found score’ that are oriented to specific places and times. As a composer and improviser, Hardi’s compositions has been performed in venues and by ensembles among them, Berliner Festspiele MaerzMusik Adapter Ensemble, Ackerstadt Palast, Exploratorium in Berlin, “Estrangement” project Showroom and Sound Place in London, ensemble recherché in Freiburg, Clamour project in Slemani, non-ensemble, Gageego ensemble in Gothenburg. He has collaborated, improvised with a number of respected artists, among others, Dror Feiler, Adam Bohman, Sharif Sehnaoui, Gunnar Lindgren, Ylva Bentancor, Brandon LaBelle. In 2017, Hardi founded Space21 for contemporary and experimental sound and music festival in the Kurdistan Iraq.

Illegal Frequencies

Recreates a listening map Hardi made after becoming lost while crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a shipping container, using the different news broadcasts that could be picked up by radio broadcasts as a form of navigation.  

313 Beirut

313 Beirut (2019) from the project conversations. The project documents time and place of the moment that the performer hear before the concert and apply into the improvisation, which is flexible in its construction. The aim is for to create a space for listening by not knowing, the unexpected moment. Beirut Irtijal Festival at Zoukak Theatre 31 March 2019, Solo performance for sound score, radio, tv news and heart pulse oximeter and objects. info1  info2

The Latest News

The Latest News (2019), for map and newspaper, asks how the politics of the media are changing our perception of place. His compositions seek to create an unprejudiced critical listening in which sounds and objects are perceived only in the hear and now, not through received or traditional understandings about what they might or ‘should’ mean. Freiburg at Morat-Institut für Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft Stiftung. 25.01.2019 performed by ensemble recherché world premier. article

Diagnosis Machine

Gothenburg Angered Hospital 07 December 2018 – 07 March 2019 and 29 April 2016. Exhibited Diagnosis Machine, an interactive sound artwork for hospital.

Sounding Carpet

Sounding Carpet (2018) A traditional Kurdish woven carpet is fitted with sensors that activate different sounds when a listener/viewer begins to explore the carpet by touch, revealing aspects of Kurdistan’s nomadic people and their relation to places and maps. Sounding Carpet Exhibited at Space21 Festival, Erbil. Slemani, Amna Suraka museum, and Erbil, Citadel the old Hammam. Space21 Exhibition for sound art 21-26 April 2018.

The Process

Berlin, Acker Stadt Palast. 10 April 2017. Improvisation The Process. Khabat Abas, prepared cello, Hardi Kurda, electronic and objects in collaboration with video artist Isabel P. Del Pulgar. info

The Vibration of Books

Gothenburg, City Library 14-20 September 2016. The Vibration of Books, for string instruments, plastic cubs, and wires performed by MalvaQuartet, Khabat Abas, and Hardi Kurda.

Cartographic Notation

Cartographic Notation of Recycling Objects (2016) consists of the design of a new score based on a cartographic method. A composition of recycled objects, this score method begins with a geographical position and an interactive public meeting. The project seeks answers to how people, environment, and art can work together to create a wider understanding of each other that together creates other compositions. Science Festival, Universeum Gothenburg. Performed by Hardi Kurda and Adam Bohman. Universeum Science festival 14 April 2016.

The Conversation

Berlin Madame Claude 04 April 2016. Gothenburg Improfest festival 30 June 2015. London Deptford town hall, PureGold Festival, Goldsmiths. 16 May 2015. Performed The Conversation, sound score for flexible instruments.

Pull and Release

London, Goldsmiths 30 July 2015. In collaboration with visual artist Sherko Abbas and cellist, Khabat Abas performed Pull and Release, for flexible instruments.

Open Ensemble

Open Ensemble (2015) for object and headphone. What happens when a performer plays on an instrument without hearing it? How do a body and a mind respond to each other? What does it sound like when the performer excludes him or herself from the existing medium in order to explore a new medium? Sound Place Exhibition, Goldsmiths, London 10-18 May 2015.

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