place is a composition of material, object, sound and memory. composition is how one perceives those elements.


Hardi is a composer, improviser, sound artist, teacher, organizer, and curator. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Goldsmiths, University of London. He received a master degree in music composition at Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University. Hardi composes music for a range of classical acoustics/electronics repertoire and other things, for example, an ECG monitor, and a Carpet. Hardi is a curator of the Space21 sound art exhibition in Iraq/Kurdistan. And, artist director of non-ensemble in Sweden. Hardi is a member of Society of Swedish Composer (FST), and member of the professional association for visual artist Berlin, BBK

new sound, new music 

needs new listening attention

 Event 2013 – 2018
  • ERBIL Citadel, Space21Exhibition for sound art, Sounding Carpet, the interactive sound art.
  • SLEMANI, Space21Exhibition, Under the Bridge, EAM, and sound installation.
  • BERLIN, Soeth7 art and culture (old prison), improvisation with Khabat Abas, cello and Claude Rich, Bass clarinet
  • BERLIN, Acker Stadt Palast, The Process, performed by Non-ensemble.
  • LONDON, Goldsmiths, St. James Hatcham, Open Ensemble, performance, public as a performer
  • GOTHENBURG, Angered Hospital, Diagnosis Machine, the interactive sound art.
  • GOTHENBURG, City Library, Vibration of Books for string inst., plastic cups, and wires performed by Non-ensemble with Malva Quartet and Khabat Abas.
  • LONDON, Art Hall, London Goldsmith’s visual artist exhibit, Pull and Release performed by Sherko Abbas, custom handmade instrument, and Khabat Abas
  • GOTHENBURG, Universeum, Recycling Objects, for objects, sounding table and projected score performed by the British sound artist Adam Bohman and Hardi K.
  • LONDON, Deptford Town Hall, Conversation Improvisation Composition, performed by Non-Ensemble with Kate Ryder piano, Mansoor Husseini percussion, Khabat Abas cello and Hardi K. live electronics, violin on table and objects
  • GOTHENBURG, Rohska museum, Sounding Map, for string inst. performed by Malva Quartet, National oriental trip, and Khabat Abas.
  • GOTHENBURG Art museum, Sounding map for string instruments and flexible instruments performed by National oriental trio and Malva Quartet and Khabat Abas
  • BERLIN, Radialsystem V, Maerz Musik, Between me and the others, performed by Adapter Ensemble conducted by Manuel Nawri
  • GOTHENBURG Concert House, Gageego Ensemble conducted by Rei Munakata VAXJO, Utvandranas Hus, Musica Vitae, Shadow Dimensions, String Chamber Orchestra conducted by Michael Bartosch
  • GOTHENBURG, Rohska museum, Sounding map, Slemani String Quartet

Score is a game of notation, 

to play with the structure of 

dots and lines

Works 2005 – 2018

Published score on Swedish Music Organisarion click here

  • Sounding Carpet
  • Under the Bridge
  • Diagnosis Machine
  • Recycling Objects
  • The vibration of Books
  • Open Ensemble
  • Shadow Dimensions for string orchestra
  • Between Me and the Other (mellan mig och den andra)
  • For Piano, Percussion, and Radio
  • Hanolia for string orchestra
  • For Improvisation vocal group
  • 4 Solo 
  • 3 Solo 
  • Dialogue 1, 
  • Dialogue 2, 
  • Hurmizgan / The Temple 
  • The Change, for two ensembles
  • Set your mind free, an oriental trio
  • After the Pause
  • Chair
  • A voice far from, vocal quartet
  • This is how we get close together
  • Feet (Fötterna)
  • Joyful (Glädjefullt) 
  • Noise, two flexible ensembles.
  • A small gleam of light
  • We! (oss!) For six oriental instruments
  • Shadow Dimensions
  • (8=3) For 8 flexible players
  • The game piece for! Flexible instrument
  • Gas-lamp
  • The Violin
  • Breath 
  • Birds Children
Records coming soon
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