Illegal Frequencies Porto 1012

Performance and Talk at Sonoscopia Associacão Platform For Experimental Music And Performing Arts in Porto-Portugal.     

Illegal Frequencies Performance and Talk at the Soundings 2022 at the ADK Berlin 16-18 August 2022 Curated by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay& Sandeep Bhagwati.

24/7 Everywhere

Listening in the city of Slemani and other cities in the Kurdistan region in Iraq is occupied by the noise of electricity generators. Since the beginning of the 90s after the revolution. The noise became part of everyday life sound; people get used to, not by choice, but more for necessity and survival, now the […]

Radiola Springs

This project is in progress. Audio and Video recordings are coming soon. 

Radio, The Freedom of Frequencies

The Kurdish composer and musician Hardi Kurda discovered the radio as an instrument that challenges our listening and questions the social order. Swinging freely between the frequencies, he poses the question of illegality and its consequences for people and society. Deutsch land funk kultur.

Radio, Sound Transmission and Listening

Radio Broadcast at festival, Weimar, Bauhaus University. You will hear me from 2050 talking about today and my thoughts about Listening’s Urgency. It is me from the future.In a time of pandemic when radio shows and podcasts became again an essential factor and carrier of cultural and political content, having as an initial motive the […]


Radiola Springs The final performance in the framework of his residency at Radio Corax. Hardi Kurda the composer created a score for voice and radiola springs — a viola prepared with springs and radios that the artist plays himself. The vocal part is performed by the soprano and voice performer Nina Guo. For the interpretation of the […]

Listening’s Urgency

Listening’s Urgency on LISTENING’S URGENCY ON RADIA.FM For the second performance in the course of his project “Listening’s Urgency”, Hardi Kurda asked musicians, artists and writers from different parts of the world to comment on the meaning of illegality and noise: Do we overstep the borders of legality by listening? What does illegality mean? […]